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mr. miller

Chickens, peas, goats.. A simple life of farming in Burnt Savannah, Jamaica. But not without its setbacks..

Solar Detroit ft. Alex Honnold

When Alex Honnold learned about Rev. Joan Ross's efforts to bring solar energy to 1,000 low income homes in Detroit, he decided to lend a hand. The Honnold Foundation partnered with NEWCC, a local Detroit non-profit, and REC Group, a solar panel manufacturer who donated panels for the project.

Yakoda Fly Supply

Fly fishing means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Whether it’s a way to find yourself or a way to lose your worries, it’s hard to step into the water with a rod in your hand and not get a little something back.

Scott’s story | CU Nursing School (Full Film)

On April 22, David “Scott” Ferguson died after battling melanoma. Ferguson was 49 and loved life. Ferguson grew so touched by his nursing care before he died that he left behind the Scott Ferguson Memorial Fund. Nearly $60,000 from more than 100 gifts has been raised so far to support scholarships for University of Colorado College of Nursing students.

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Burnt Savannah, Jamaica. Paradise.